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Enzi Africa is 100% black women owned organisation that enables entrepreneurship in the African continent. Founded by Palesa Mabidilala, a dynamic woman whose vision is to achieve sustainability in the African continent through entrepreneurship. Enzi Africa is built on the philosophy that Africa holds great opportunity and has the potential to thrive even further if African solutions are applied to build the continent, particularly through entrepreneurship. Enzi Africa is focused on developing ecosystems the support entrepreneurs to achieve success. Built from years of experience in developing SMMEs, Enzi Africa’s approach is to ensure that all the key elements that entrepreneurs need to scale sustainably are in place. It has been proven that entrepreneurs need more than funding, or coaching to thrive, Enzi Africa has a solution that not only ensures that entrepreneurs are set up to scale, but  are also being supported in an environment that will support that success by creating that ecosystem for the entrepreneurs.  The Enzi Africa methodology ensures that SMMEs are built for success to play in the mainstream economy.

EnziAfrica offers the following innovative solutions:

Designing innovative entrepreneur development programmes:

Enzi Africa designs tailor made entrepreneur development programmes for organisations such as public and private institutions, finance houses, NPOs and academic institutions that work with entrepreneurs or have an interest in developing entrepreneurs. Enzi Africa builds effective ecosystems for our clients to ensure that our clients are able to offer true sustainable solutions for the SMEs within their networks, supply chains or customers base.

Practical development programmes for entrepreneurs:

Enzi Africa hosts a series of development programmes to inspiring entrepreneurs to ensure that they are structured and positioned for success. Enzi Africa’s approach is to provide entrepreneurs with practical solutions that will give clear direction and the ability to execute our proven methods.

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